Major Objectives
IDENTIFY >>> areas of greatest mission concerns, introducing the ministry of FoNAC to the indigenous people.

INFORM >>> needs awareness, informing partners how they can be utilized to assist the indigenous people on the field.

INVOLVE >>> partnerships are key to FoNAC, we recognize the value of Primary, Clustering and Supporting Partnerships. 

Executive Board
Gary W Hawkins, Executive Director
Dr Emerson Falls, Chairman
Dr Timmy Chavis, Treasurer
Donny Coulter, Recording Secretary
Ledtkey (Lit) McIntosh, Board Member
Augusta (Gus) Smith, Board Member

As a Catalyst, FoNAC will work to create partnerships with Native and non-Native People seeking and praying for a movement of God starting among Native People extending to people groups around the globe.

Our goal is to assist in developing healthy Christian Communities wherever they are needed, without creating a need of prolonged dependecy.