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Our Mission

To serve as a ‘Catalyst’ for ministries connected with Native Americans, FoNAC will lend voice and visibility to the 567 tribes across the USA on a national level. Networking with individuals, churches, associations, and state conventions to initiate partnerships for Native ministry. Develop resources relevant to Native culture while remaining true to the Word of God. Identify and facilitate existing ministries who are working to develop indigenous church planters and mission pastors. Work with national networks and SBC partners to assist in planting Native congregations in Send Cities.

FoNAC, Fellowship of Native American Christians

FoNAC’s Vision is to be an integral part of developing a network of people, places and partnerships working together to see a movement of God beginning among the 567 tribes of the United States and the 634 recognized First Nations governments or bands spread across Canada, extending to the indigenous people around the globe!


FoNAC is a faith based, Christ-centered, national fellowship devoted to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Native Americans and First Nations People of North America. Our purpose is to serve as a supportive network of Christian communities in relation to Native ministry throughout North America.

It is our goal is to develop a network of Native missions, missionaries, & partners working together to develop indigenous led ministries that will become involved in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and church planting.

We function as a Catalyst, seeking and praying for a movement of God starting among the indigenous people of North America and extending to all Nations. We initiate partnerships to assist in the formation of strong healthy Indigenous Christian Communities.

We strive to continually expand this supportive network of Native Christians always seeking ways to evangelize, disciple, train and equip Native Americans and First Nations People. 

  • Work with national networks and SBC partners to assist in planting Native congregations in Send Cities.
  • Identify and connect with new church planter missionaries
  • Work with national networks and SBC partners to mobilize new Sending and Supporting Churches         
  • Come alongside existing churches and ministries whose ministry focus is Native People of North America in hopes of establishing ministry partners